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1 Ado Awaye Suspended lake

The lake is a geologic wonder and popular for its beauty

One of the only two Suspended Lakes in the whole world. The other, is in Colorado

2. Farina Ruwa Water Falls Nassarawa

A captivating waterfall; 150 metres high and 50 metres wide creating a spectacl

The falls, as a result of its white colour, appears in the distance to the inhabitants of the area like white smoke on the mountains.

3. Idanre Hills

One of those rare places where beauty, mystery speaks with the voice.

The people of Idanre have existed for 800 years. For over 700 of those years, they lived in the hills. It wasn’t until 1928 that they then moved to settle on ground level

4. Ogbunike Caves

The caves are of importance to the indigenes of Anambra and the East of Nigeria because of the safety they provided.

They have an important spiritual heritage that dates back many years before the white man first set foot on African soil.

5. Mandata mountains

They have a volcanic range extending about 190 km lie in the northeastern part of Adamawa state along the Cameroon borde

Ideal place for rock and mountain climbing.

6.Ikogosi Warm Springs

Only one of its kind anywhere in the world. The warm and cold springs of Ikogosi flow to a point where they meet, each spring retaining its thermal identity

Warm spring – temp of up to 70 degrees C at the source & 37 degrees after meeting the cold

7. Mambilla plateau

Hosts the Chappal Waddi mountain which is the highest point in Nigeria with a height of 2,419 metres. It has an undulating landscape and is without insects. The plateau at the basement complex rocks is about 96km.

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