50+ Happy Sunday SMS to your love ones

50+ Happy Sunday SMS: We have compiled some interesting happy Sunday SMS for you to send to your love ones.  Be the first to wish people around you happy Sunday with captivating SMS.


50+ Happy Sunday SMS

Start this Sunday morning with a clean heart. No doubt, no tears, no fear, no worry. Thank God for his priceless gifts & miracles throughout the world.
Have a Good Sunday.

When You Can Do All The Pending Work And Relax.
Take This Day As An Opportunity
To Ease Yourself From All The Worries In Life
Have A Happy Sunday.

Sun arises when moon sets… Moon arise when sun sets… When Saturday goes….. Sunday comes up…. Spend your Happy Sunday with your family & not in the office

Before The Sun Rises
Today Let Me Beautify Each Of Its Rays
With Lots Of Serenity And Success
For You And Your Loved Ones.
Wish You A Happy Sunday Morning.

We Work For Six Days A Week
And Sunday Is Day To Relax.
Take This Day As A Chance
To Live Your Dreams.
Do That One Thing That Makes You Really Happy.

Wish You The Best Sunday Ever. 
We Work For Six Days A Week
And Sunday Is Day To Relax.
Take This Day As A Chance
To Live Your Dreams.

Do That One Thing That Makes You Really Happy.
Wish You The Best Sunday Ever.
Sunday Is An Inspiration To Work.
We Work All Round The Week And
Then Finally Its Sunday.
So Make Maximum Out Of This Day
And Make It Simply The Best
So That You Are Cheered Up For The Week.
Happy Sunday.

May Your Sunday Be Brighter Than Your Past.
May You Come Across With Lots Of Adventure
And Enjoyment So That You Wait
For The Next Sunday To Come
So That You Can Enjoy It To The Core.
Have An Exciting Sunday

What a lovely way to start a Week!
Of all the days that’s in the week
I dearly love but one day
And that’s the day that comes betwixt
A Saturday and Monday.

Good morning Sunday!

It’s so wonderful to see you. I’m thankful for the breath of life and that I got another chance to see the light of day. I hope the sun that came along with you will shine throughout the day.

Today Will Be A Wonderful Day.
I Can Feel It In My Bones.
Can You Feel It Too?

I Plan To Make The Most Of This Day.
Endeavor To Do The Same Thing Too.
Happy Blessed Sunday!

I Hope This Sunday
Will Be A Great Start To Your Week.
I Hope That It Will Be Filled With Joy,
Peace And All The Treasures That You Seek.
Wishing You A Happy Sunday Morning!

I Wish You All The Best This Sunday,
Hope You Be Happy,
Healthy And Prosperous On This Beautiful Day.

Relax And Unwind
From The Stresses Of The Past Week.

Make Lasting Memories Today.
Let Your Hair Down And Do Something
Fun And Exciting.
Don’t Allow This Beautiful Day
To Go To Waste.
Have A Great Sunday!

Patience & Silence Are Powerful Energies.
Patience Makes You Mentally Strong.
Silence Makes You Emotionally Strong.
Have A Strong & Healthy Life..!
Happy Sunday! 

A New Day In A New Way
With Sunday On Its Way.
It Is The Best Day To Cheer You Up
And Relieve You From Your Tensions.
I Wish You Have A Beautiful Sunday Ahead.

Being Single Is Fun..!!

But Being Committed In Love Feels Awesome…
-When You Wake Up You Find
“Good Morning” In Your Inbox…
Or Early In The Morning You Listen To That Sweet Voice Saying:
” Ooh, My sweet baby is awaking…!”
Have a Nice SUNDAY!


Marvelous Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Wonderful Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Friendly Friday, Successful Saturday,I wish U a Sweetest Sunday.

Wherever You Go,
No Matter What The Weather,
Always Bring Your Own Sunshine
Wish U happy Sunday…

Sunday Is The Day Of The Sun,
Which Makes It The Most Shining Day Of The Week.
Wish You All The Best On This Shiny Day!


50+ Happy Sunday SMS

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50+ Happy Sunday SMS

It Is That Time Of The Week Again,
Where Friends And Families
Get Together And Have Gala Of Time Talking,
Drinking And Eating.
Wish You A Happy And Joy Filled Sunday
With Your Loved Ones.

Wherever You Go,
No Matter What The Weather,
Always Bring Your Own Sunshine
Wish U happy Sunday!…
The feeling of Sunday is the same everywhere, heavy, melancholy, standing still.
Have A Happy Sunday!

Every Day Starts With Some ‘Expectation’
But “Every Day Ends with Some ‘Experience’
This is Life… So, Enjoy The Day Every Day …!:-)
Happy Sunday!

May This Sunday Bring You
Out Of Stress And All Bad Things Of The Week
So You Can Start A New Week
With A Fresh And Happy Mood.
Have A Lovely Day!

I Have Found That
If You Love Life ,
Life Will Love You
Right Back
Just A little Note To Say
Have A Happy Sunday

May your tomorrow will be bright
Like your yesterday
Just like a sun of a new day
May you get success
wealth and health in this new Day
Wish You A Happy SunDay.

No one can go back &
make a new beginning,
but anyone can start from now and
make a happy ending!

Hope u’ll have a day that starts right and
ends Happy! Good Morning of New Sunday

On Sunday mornings, as the dawn burned into day, swarms of gulls descended on the uncollected trash, hovering and dropping in the cold clear light.
Good Morning!
Happy sunday:)

Before the Sun rises today,
Let me decorate each of the rays with Success and Serenity for u & ur family.
Good Morning
A Day of Happy Break 
After Six Working Days
And A Day of Rest
For Next Six Working Days
So Enjoy This Sunday.

I Have Found That 
If You Love Life,
Life Will Love You Right Back
Just A little Note To Say
Have A Happy Sunday.

Good Morning Sunday,

A Favorite Day Of All Has Arrived

With The Bright Afternoon Sun.

So Sleep Till Your Heart Wants

And Relax All Day Long.

Happy Sunday Morning

Sunday is a rest day, it is the 7th day of a week of which the 6 days are working days. 
God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day
he took rest and made it holy.

Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week

Do not let Sunday be taken from you If your soul has no Sunday, it becomes an orphan

May god bless you all the day
and remove all the worries in
your way just relax because its
Happy Sunday

 Don’t be worry in life because trouble
and ease are some parts of life
To judge ourselves for future times
Happy Sunday

meant sun day
So some time here is Sunday
Which have no responsibilities?
So today is as well
Happy Sunday
 Good behaviors and sincerity are
those things which can ruled over
the world so be pessimistic always
Happy Sunday


 Sorrows might be remembered for some times
But happiness remains forever, so live for today
Happy Sunday

 May God bless you with good health and happy life
You got many more Sundays like today
Happy Sunday

 Here are deficiency always
In monopoly of hearts
Happy Sunday
 I have always good relation with old friends
What could I do when by making new ones
Happy Sunday

This is the week time again,
when friends and families together
and be the festival time to talk,
drink and eat. I wish you happiness and
joy Domingo and objects filled expensive.
Happy Sunday

50+ Happy Sunday SMS

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50+ Happy Sunday SMS
Sunday is a great day, because I cannot now send a message to one of my best friends. I wish you the best of days! Happy Sunday. 50+ Happy Sunday SMS:

 When I woke up Sunday morning in the open and I went outside and feel the wind and rain on my face,
and I knew I had a good chance to win if I took my time and make me confidence.

Happy Sunday
 I know you’ve been waiting for this day all week and now it’s Sunday, I wish all your plans for this position
a good day to your expectations. 
Happy Sunday.  

50+ Happy Sunday SMS: 

Waking up every morning with the idea that something wonderful will happen! We wish you a happy Have a nice day and Happy Sunday

 This Sunday brought you out of
the tension and bad things throughout
the week so you can start a new week with
a new mood and happy. Have a nice day!

Happy Sunday
 I wish you all the best this Sunday,
and I hope to be happy, healthy and
prosperous in this beautiful day.
May all your wishes come true.
Happy Sunday

I would like to start their day in
tone and finish with the same score.
I wish you good morning Domingo, and
we hope to spend every moment of the day
Happy Sunday

 I hope that this Sunday will be
a great start to your week. I hope
to be filled with joy, peace and all
the treasures of your quest. 
Happy Sunday. 

50+ Happy Sunday SMS 

I live in my Sunday without luxury, but the only thing that can not be found yours.

Happy Sunday.

 50+ Happy Sunday SMS

 It’s something very wonderful to
see you. I am grateful for the spirit
of life and gave me another opportunity
to see the light of day. 
Happy Sunday 

I wish the sun came before sunrise
today and let me beauty all of its rays lot
of serenity and success to you and your family.
Happy Sunday

 I want that kind of love where I go to sleep thinking about you, then wake up to a text that lets me know you’re thinking of me too. 

50+ Happy Sunday SMS

I Know You Have Been Waiting
For This Day The Entire Week
And Now That It Is Sunday,
I Wish All Your Plans
For This Day Work To Well
To Your Expectations.

May Your Sunday Be Brighter Than Your Past.
May You Come Across With Lots Of Adventure
And Enjoyment So That You Wait
For The Next Sunday To Come

Lets wake up,
Lets all prepare for pongal,
All members of family be there
And say Pongal O Pongala together.
Wish you a happy and prosperous Pongal

I wish your Sunday to be as

Sweet as Ice Cream, As a Cheese Cake, As a Sugar Cane,

Have a Happy SUNDAY 50+ Happy Sunday SMS

Why is sunday stronger than Monday?Because Monday is a Weak Day!

Have A Very Happy Week Days!

50+ Happy Sunday SMS

God bless your day with smile,sunshine,

laughter,mercy,peace and kindness. Enjoy your day

Blessing Sunday

I Wish Your sunday To Be As

Sweet As Ice Cream,

As A Cheese Cake,

As A Sugar Cane,

 Have A Happy Sunday

if You desire to blossom like a rose in the garden, you have to learn the art of adjusting  with  the thorne.

Have A Rosy Sunday!

Sunday a day refuel your soul ana be grateful for your blessings.

Have a beautiful day

 Good Morning

Dont expect a perfect love from

any of your close ones,

just show them what it is….


Happy Relaxing Sunday

I just love when it is Sunday….


I can send a Sunday SMS to

my dearest friends

On this Sunday. Forgive someone.

Tell someone you love them.

Let your light Shine


50+ Happy Sunday SMS




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