5 Take-Aways from Adekunle Gold’s Afro Pop, Vol.1 album- A fan Review

On this third album Afro Pop, Vol.1, Adekunle Gold has shown immense growth. There is for sure a rebranding going on with Adekunle and I am loving it.

After announcing the release of this album in December 2019, it is safe to say that every Adekunle Gold fan has been looking forward to this project.

With a tracklist of 10 songs, we see AG baby (as he is now fondly called) embracing the full sweetness of being a pop star. Now, let me run through my top five songs off the album.

5. ‘Sabina’

This song got me emotional. Adekunle talks about an ex that he regrets letting go. I believe everyone can relate to this. I mean, I have a ‘Sabina’ in my life. Do you? This song is a vibe for sure.

4. ‘Pretty Girl’ ft Patoranking

Did we just get a major dancehall from Adekunle and Patoranking?

I am so in love with this tune. I see it being a club banger very soon. It can also pass as one of those songs that girls can twerk to. Anyways, when Patoranking comes on a track, you know it’s going to be fire.

3. ‘AG Baby’ ft Nailah Blackman

This was one of the promotional singles for the album and I must say, Adekunle Gold has mastered the art of giving us romantic bops.

The sound in this song was different yet unique. My favourite line has to be when he said: “Dem dey underrate man, they don’t know nothing”.

I loved Nailah’s vocals on the song. She absolutely killed it. One thing is certain about this tune, only AG Baby could have pulled this one off!

2. ‘Here For Ya’

This song is a sweet song that encapsulates the AG Baby personality and brand.

From the song, I got the sense that Adekunle was trying to tell us that he’s here to stay and we totally got the message.

I really loved when he said, “I’m here for a long time cos I ain’t tryna be your one time”. Cute line, right?

1. ‘Okay’

A reminder to take life one step at a time. It is so important for everyone to know this and stop rushing faster than their pace. We all want to enjoy life but at what cost? Oh wow, I just got all emotional on you guys but you get my point lol!

My best line from the song was when Adekunle said: We go dey okay, I just wan jaiye mi, loke loke” I loved it!

Overall Rating

Over the years, I have seen Adekunle Gold grow into different phases in a bid to fine-tune his persona into something that we understand and not just accept.
This album, Afro Pop, Vol. 1 has the new AG Baby persona written all over it. And I am just glad to see him embrace this pop star life.
I like the fact that this album isn’t forceful. After all, it was AG himself who said “Ariwo Ko Ni Music”.
From me, it is an 8.5 out of a 10.

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