5 steps to creating an Impressive newsletter using Gmail

Have you heard about Email marketing or do you wish for better ways to use your Gmail to the maximum. I will show you 5 steps to creating an Impressive newsletter. Do Read on.

Gmail remains one of the most used platforms for creating and sending emails. You can also use this app as an impressive email marketing strategy.

impressive newsletter with Gmail
impressive newsletter with Gmail

When you have a growing business or you have already established your brand. The use of newsletters brought to you by email marketing are great was to stay on top of your game.

Newsletters are fascinating little articles that contains extensive information about promotional,products and services offered by your business at the current time. I mean present information about your business.

If you own a blog as well, creating weekly newsletter which contain hyperlinks to several posts in you blog is a great tool for Advertising.

According to research, 82% of B2B nameless use newsletters for advertising?  B2C marketing also use this form and it is incredibly exciting. To help you create an exciting array of newsletters, you can use free templates but even with these templates you must understand the basic steps(which I call tricks) that would get your audience fascinated on clicking to see the products or services offered on your website and there we go how to send Newsletters on Gmail.

5 steps to creating an Impressive newsletter

Step 1

To begin designing your newsletter,go to your Gmail address(I advise you use a laptop for this). Launch and sign in. Now click to compose a new message.

Step 2

The next step is to design your newsletter, to do this click the arrow key at the top right corner of the compose message page. You can now view your Image template.

Impressive newsletter with Gmail
Impressive newsletter with Gmail


Step 3

Now, if you would not like to continue on on an empty black space, you can install a chrome extension that lets you have access to pre designed  templates . To do so, click here

Step 4

If you wish to skip step 3 and instead continue the old fashion way, then do so. All you have to do next is add images correctly. The name of your images will be shown in the recipients browser window as soon as they open your message until they click on “display images”.

Impressive newsletter with Gmail
Impressive newsletter with Gmail

Step 5

Now, add an attractive subject line. Make sure you are very specific about the line you choose to use.

Step 6

The next step involves adding images. Go to the bottom of the composition and click on the camera logo. Now upload images from your computer and click “OK”. This image will appear on your email composition browser. Click on the image to select the right size you wish to use.

Impressive newsletter with Gmail
Impressive newsletter with Gmail

Step 7

Add content below the image. Make sure you have many of the texts hyperlinked to the products and services on your website or blog. You can equally make little excerpts from things on your website. All of this may take you about 5 minutes if you are a pro or a bit more if you are still picking pace.

And thats how you create a newsletter using your Gmail.

Other places to get free email templates to use on Gmail

Apart from using the chrome extension, you can still get free news letters from top quality sites across the world. here below are my favorite places to get free email templates

  • Litmus

Litmus gives free email template collection which are so modern and sleek templates.  some are composed to provide a bit of fun. You can easily check out how the email will appear in different email clients here.

  •  ZURB Ink

ZURB Studios has about  five responsive email templates available for free,  This layouts are so rich and trendy. To check them out, click on this link

  •  ThemeForest

ThemeForest is has an awesome collection of templates from $6 and above for all who have a budget to stick to.  To check them out, click here

  •  Antwort

Antwort offers three newsletter templates: one single-column, one two-column, and one three-column. They are all all good on mobile phones, so if your recipients will be viewing from their mobile device, it should not be a problem. To check them out, click here

Now, you know the 5 steps to creating an Impressive newsletter. You can use any of these Gmail newsletter templates to create even more responsive emails that wow your clients. I do hope this tutorial worked for you.

Esther omotimehin

Esther Omotimehin is a social media marketer. I feel good sharing that attractive information online. She is associate of Nestec Media owner of mystatenews.com

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