22-Year Old Guy And His 12-Year Old Lover Axe A Man To Death, Cook And Eat His Brains Because “There Was Nothing Left To Eat”

It is bad enough to be a cannibal or a pedophile, but you’d have to be a direct descendant of Satan himself to be both. The world indeed has gone mad. This might sound extreme or like some sick joke but a 22-year old man currently faces up to 25-years in jail for murder, disemboweling a body and being a sick pedophile.

Twenty-five years in jail seems like a very mild punishment for someone twisted enough to brainwash a 12-year old into having an affair with him and making her an accomplice in his cannibalistic endeavors. This one deserves to be strapped to the electric chair for consecutive lifetimes. The gruesome incident happened in Russia, where the Russian Police authorities were alerted after the victim’s neighbors saw smoke coming from his house with the alleged killers trying to sneak out the window.

A search in the victim’s (whose name was given as Popovich) apartment revealed that his arms had been chopped off, body disemboweled with the remains of his head found in the oven of his home in Novinka. After police discovered the contents of a frying pan in Popovich’s kitchen that  “did not look like the fresh meat found at a supermarket”, according to one of the officers, the couple confessed that “there was nothing left to eat”.

The girl is currently at the Centre for Underage Criminals of St Petersburg while the guy is being held for murder and pedophilia.


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