20 emotional happy new year wishes for lovers and friends

Send out emotional happy new year wishes for your to make him/her very special. Celebrate the new year in special way by lifting the emotional attraction of you loved ones.

We have compiled 20 emotional happy new year wishes for lovers and friends.

  1. May your mirror reflection charm you, may what others see in you enchant them, may somebody cherish you enough to forget your shortcomings, may be oblivious to your flaws and flaunt your virtues. Keep in mind the past so as to gain from it pearls of wisdom as you make a fresh new beginning this New Year.
  2.     We wish you reluctant much happiness and blessing if there are drops in the rain. A happy and healthy 2018 Cheers to the new year!
  3.     Joy to your heart, And warmth to your home As the New Year arrives, Hope it brings along happiness, Hope and good tidings, To stay on and on Happy New Year. Happy new year 2019 messages
  4.     This new year, view the world with a positive outlook, speak your heart out with confidence, listen to others as well as your inner voice and you will be on the correct road in the correct direction.
  5.     Life is an accessible diary filled with empty pages waiting for you. Fill them up with your story as you go. May all the expectations and goals for each day be fulfilled on the day itself!
  6.     Let this New Year give you all the strength and courage to win over your vices and enhance your virtues. Wish you have a year even better than the best and put smiles on the faces of everyone you come across
  7.     New Year is the time when, All your hopes are new, So are your aspiration, New are your resolutions And new are your spirits, So here’s wishing everyone a Very promising, fulfilling and a very Happy New Year 2018!
  8.     No one can go back in time To change what has happened. So work on your present to make Yourself a wonderful future. Happy New Year 2018
  9.     Despite the distance between us, I feel you close to me ’cause of the friendship you shine into my soul have a heart-filling new year. Happy new year 2019 messages
  10.     May the gift of friendship, sparkle in your heart the whole year through let this magic of closeness spread among your loved ones the happy new year my friend
  11.     As your friend I know how hard you’ve worked the past year may all your efforts turn into great achievements have a successful new year
  12.     You are part of my family, you’re one of my clan. I hold you in my heart. Therefore, it is sincere wishes because this happy new year 2018 begins. Happy new year 2019 messages
  13.     This time of year gives us a new beginning. I would like to take this opportunity to start again with you and I wish you love and peace in the New Year 2018.
  14.     In everything there must be a season, a time to come and a time to go, I pray that this New Year brings to you happiness and joy forever and ever.”
  15.     My wishes for you are not finite to just the next year but to all the years that you experience in your lifetime and in your rebirth! Have a fun-filled, smashing, rocking and happening New Year Ahead!
  16.     Lighten up your surroundings with your sweet smile and make way for pleasure with your good deeds this New Year. Wish You A Very Happy New Year 2018.
  17.     The Joy That Comes With Sharing Tirelessly And Giving Can Only Be Experienced By Friends. The Past Year Has Seen Us Share Almost Everything And As The New Year Sets In, I Want To Share More With You.
  18.     At Happy New Year! Grant that I May bring no tear to any eye When this New Year in time shall end. Let it be said I’ve played the friend Have lived and loved and labored here. And made of it a happy new year 2018 sms.
  19.     I hope you are happy, With a great year coming along. I sing this song, Only to wish you, A Happy New Year! Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors and let each new year find you a better man. Happy New Year. Happy new year 2019 messages
  20.     May the coming year bring you joy. May the coming year bring you happiness, the coming year be so fun, That another year comes and you don’t even realize it


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