20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world: Easter 2018 celebration, where will you visit? if you don’t know. we are going give you the best places to celebrate your Easter around the world. All Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Most people like to travel during the Easter holiday to celebrate Easter in some beautiful places around the world.

Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is Christianity’s most important holiday. It has been called a movable feast because it doesn’t fall on a set date every year, as most holidays do.

Let us show you the best places to celebrate Easter around the world.

20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

  1. Rome in Italy

Rome is the home of Easter celebration. Settimana Santa or Holy Week is naturally a special time to be in Rome thanks to the chance to see the Vatican and attend mass held by the Pope. Events start on Palm Sunday with a free mass in Saint Peter’s Square, Vatican City – get there early and prepare to queue. There are further masses on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Good Friday’s Stations of the Cross or Via Crucis parade is also pretty special. A huge cross with burning torches lights the sky as a procession passes each station – placed at the Colosseum in 1744 by Pope Benedict XIV.
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20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

2. Virtuous in Argentina

Easter Sunday in Argentina consists of consuming and sharing eggs as well as the special Easter cake, Rosca de Pascua. Tradition holds that people exchange eggs not only with their family, but also with friends and colleagues and the day culminates in attending mass followed by a big family gathering involving lots of food. Argentineans tend to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with a huge barbecue and a treasure hunt organized by the local governments in the main cities, so that everyone has a chance to participate. 20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2017 Around the world

3. Greece

The Greek Orthodox Church follows the Byzantine calendar, so this year’s Orthodox Easter Sunday takes place on April 15. In Athens, Good Friday marks the first main event where a replica of Christ’s tomb is carried through town. The most sacred of Easter events takes place the following day when people flock to churches at midnight carrying unlit candles which they light from the Holy Flame and walk through town enjoying a glorious display of fireworks, bells and jubilation. Easter Sunday’s menu comprises spit-fire roast lamb and lots of colored eggs. In the Orthodox tradition, you knock eggs with your neighbor attempting to crack theirs to bring yourself good fortune.

20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

4.  Lebanon

Visitors will notice the ornately decorated streets, shops and restaurants filled with all things Easter from bunnies to chocolate, painted eggs and even live baby chicks in some places. Good Friday is marked by mass. Easter Sunday is a huge celebration where absolutely everyone goes to church. After taking communion, the 40-day fast comprising a strictly vegan diet, is broken with a feast featuring lamb and lots of egg breaking. Get your hands on the delicious Easter sweets called Maamoul. These are little cookies made with a mixture of semolina and butter then stuffed with either dates or ground sugared nuts and dusted with icing sugar. 20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2017 Around the world

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5. Scotland

Easter in Scotland is a mostly laid-back event. The Scots do the traditional things commonly associated with Easter like attending mass and having a big meal, but they also add a bit of fun, particularly for the kids. Easter fun here is all about eggs. After they’re boiled and painted in all kinds of colors and designs, they’re taken to the park hills for rolling on Easter Sunday. While it may just sound like playtime for the kids, the event is very symbolic as it is carried out to represent the rolling away of stones on Jesus’ tomb thereby assisting in His resurrection.

20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

6. Seville, Spain

Seville in Andalucia is the most famed Spanish region for Easter celebrations. It has 52 different religious brotherhoods whose members parade through the streets for the entire Holy Week manifesting the crucifixion. Processions continue for almost 24 hours culminating in the jubilation of the resurrection which is observed by floats covered in flowers, dancing in the streets and traditional sweet cakes.

7.  Sweden

Humor-filled celebrations commence on Easter Saturday with children dressing up as good witches setting the Easter mood by giving out letters and cards in return for eggs, sweets and coins. On Easter Sunday, food takes center stage where, in typically Nordic fashion, the feast comprises mostly fish. Edibles include different kinds of herring, a selection of smoked salmon, a hint of roast ham and various cheeses. Of course, the main attraction are eggs which are exchanged and later used in a game where participants roll them down roofing tiles to see which egg can go the furthest without breaking.

8. France

Church bells ring every day of the year except for the three days of Easter. Legend has it that the reason the bells stop ringing is because they’ve made a trip to Rome in order to be blessed. On Easter Sunday, the bells make their return and tour the entire country sprinkling chocolate eggs, chickens and rabbits as they go in each and every garden. After midday, children head to the gardens to find their hidden treasures left by the blessed bells. The day of events also includes a hearty meal, normally consisting of lamb, which is the Easter dish of choice in France.

20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

9. Germany

Easter Baskets are the main tradition in Germany where each child receives a basket put together by their parents, containing not only eggs and chocolate, but also toys and other gifts. The baskets are hidden in the back garden and the kids have to hunt for it after church on Easter Sunday. This is particularly popular in rural areas where houses tend to have big gardens, sometimes comprising several levels and full of trees and bushes. In more urban areas, families tend to go on an Easter walk and hide their Osternest, which means Easter nest, in the forest or a meadow and the kids go hunting for it during the walk. Alternatively, if the nest doesn’t appeal, some families like to hide chocolate eggs along the route of the walk.

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10. United States

Apart from dressing up in one’s Sunday best and heading off to church on Easter Sunday, Easter in the US is, unsurprisingly, dominated by candy and chocolate. Various popular brands release a special line of sweet treats available only for the Easter period including Easter colored M&Ms, jelly beans, malted milk eggs, Cadbury Mini Eggs, Cadbury Creme Eggs, chocolate bunnies, Reese’s eggs, Peeps and Hershey’s miniatures with Easter colored wrappers. Those headed to Washington, DC can enjoy one other very famous tradition where the White House opens its lawn to kids for some Easter egg rolling. This tradition was first carried out in 1878 and has continued ever since. Other attractions on the day include a visit with the Easter Bunny and an afternoon of storytelling.

20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

11. Canada

Food, festivals and fun in general are the things that make up Canadian Easter celebrations. Those who are religious may attend church, but even those who aren’t partake in the festivities, which include putting on Easter plays, special songs, holding spring festivals and even winter festivals to signify the start of Lent and decorate with Easter lilies and the famous bunnies. A good meal is also enjoyed with the Easter menu featuring things like apple tart, Maple Baked Beans and Cape Breton Scones. Uniquely, Canada is also home to the world’s largest pysanka (Ukrainian Easter egg) located in Vegreville, Alberta. The egg was constructed in 1975 in honor of the Ukrainian settlements in Edmonton. The egg is a symbol of life, prosperity, eternity and good fortune and is recognized the world over as an architectural masterpiece

 12. Hunt for the Holy Grail

León, the northern Spanish city, has always played a significant role in European Christianity thanks to it being a key stop on The Way of St James pilgrimage route. That role is about to become huge, thanks to recent claims that the Holy Grail has been found in one of its churches. In an explosive new book, two historians from León University have identified an ancient goblet in the city’s San Isidro basilica as the legendary Holy Grail. According to parchments found by the book’s authors, Muslims took the prized relic from Jerusalem to Cairo, where it was later given as a peace offering to Fernando, a powerful local Christian Spanish king.
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13.Visit Lourdes

Lourdes, on the edge of the Hautes-Pyrenees, is the second most visited city in France after Paris and one of the most visited religious sites in the world. Easter sees torchlit processions as pilgrims meditate the prayer of the Rosary and for the younger, an Easter egg hunt at the top of Pic du Jer which overlooks the town and is topped by a large cross.
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20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

14.Go Greek

Greek Orthodox Easter tends to coincide with Easter in Protestant and Catholic Europe about once every four years – and given this year is one of them, it’s an ideal time to visit. Every church in the country hosts evocative church services on Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday and many towns and villages have specialist events. Our favourites are the balloon festival in Leonidio on the Peloponnese, where hundreds of handmade balloon-lanterns light the sky on Holy Saturday and the clay pot crashing in Corfu. On Holy Saturday morning, people throw the pots, full of water, from their balconies to the floor below as bells peal out from the local church.
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15. Hear magnificent music in Moscow

Easter is mainly a family event in Russia aside from the elaborate Russian Orthodox services held throughout the week, especially on Holy Saturday when the service goes through most of the night. In Moscow, this offers the chance to spend time in some of the world’s most iconic churches, including those in the Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square. The end of Easter also sees the start of the Moscow Easter Festival, a festival of classical music, choral music, chamber music, and bell music.
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20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

16. Awesome Alicante

Spain’s southern province of Alicante goes to town over the Easter week with colourful parades throughout Semana Santa. Highlights include a Holy Wednesday procession and the Holy Thursday ‘paso de la Santa Cena’, where a sculpture is carried through the streets in a huge parade. In the town of Orihuela, Easter celebrations date to the 16th century and include the Good Friday El Silencio procession that attracts 10,000 people. The procession passes through the Old Town with the night sky only illuminated by the lanterns of those taking part.
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17. Florence fireworks

Visitors from around the world flock to Florence for Easter thanks to the fiery Explosion of the Cart procession. On Easter Sunday, the Scoppio del Carro sees a 17th century float pulled around the streets by two white oxon before a host of fireworks explode from it. The parade is in honour of the Florentine knight Pazzino, who was the first man to plant the banner of the cross at the battle of Jerusalem in the first Crusade of 1096.
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20 Best Places to celebrate Easter 2018 Around the world

18. See Easter in Seville

Semana Santa de Sevilla is one of Spain’s most important religious festivals. Parades throughout the week are organised by religious brotherhoods who dress in penitential robes for the occasion. Floats carry lifelike wooden sculptures of the Passion with the most important being on Holy Thursday when they march through the night until dawn on Good Friday.
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19. Combine religion and fun in Istanbul

While Istanbul is predominantly Muslim, there is a plurality of religions in the city, which is also home to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, effectively the leader of the Greek Orthodox Church. There are 110 active churches here – including Gregorian Armenian, Catholic Armenian, Protestant Armenian, Roman Catholic and Bulgarian Orthodox – meaning there are plenty of opportunities to attend mass but given the Turkish people do not celebrate, bars and restaurants are open as normal.
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20. Go local in Dubrovnik

The Croatian coastal city, overlooking the Adriatic is not only one of Europe’s prettiest places to see in Easter but also one of its most religious. Celebrations include a ceremonious procession of the Cross on Good Friday and gift giving including coloured eggs, plaited palm leaves, olive twigs and a special Easter cake called pinca.
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