16 Christians killed after New Year church service

16 Christians killed after New Year church service -According to reports from authorities 16 Christians were reportedly killed after gunmen ambushed and attacked them after the New Year’s Day service in the town of Omuku, Rivers State.

In an attack that happened in the town when the unsuspecting worshippers had gone to observe the service to embark the New Year. with hope and expectation of what to come.

16 Christians killed after New Year church service

It was later revealed that the attack was a coordinated attack that had happened at two different locations of the church. It was also confirmed the unidentified gunmen sporadically on the members as they were leaving the celebratory service.

Witness to the incidence revealed that the gunshot sound was initially thought to be fireworks to heighten the celebration mood, until the former became the reality. And added that the fireworks make it difficult to distinguish the gunshot sound

Emergency aid workers at the scene of the attack said they have transported over 12 people to the hospital,

The Rivers State Commissioner of Police has launched a formal investigation into the attack, and also resumes a manhunt for the culprits who carried out the attack. The state public relations official Nnamdi Omon said, they have implemented a manhunt to ensure the criminals are arrested and prosecuted as charged.

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