10 things you should know about late Prof Akinwunmi Ishola

Prof Akinwunmi Ishola is dead but we will forever remember his immense contributions into Yoruba literacy world. How well do know the late Prof Akinwunmi Ishola. well he died this morning at his Bolajoko Estate home in Ibadan. Prof Akinwunmi Ishola is a Nigerian playwright, dramatist and actor. But more to that here we will reveal to you 10 things you should know about late Prof Akinwunmi Ishola.

10 things you should know about late Prof Akinwunmi Ishola

Here we have the list of 10 things you should know about late Prof Akinwunmi Ishola.

  1. Prof Akinwunmi Ishola was born in 1939 in Ibadan. He attended Labode Methodist School and Wesley College. The Prof had his university Education at the University of Ibadan.
  2. He proceeded to University of Lagos where he obtained B.A in French and M.A Yoruba literature.
  3. Prof Akinwunmi worked as a Lecturer at Obafemi Awolowo University. Ile -Ife.
  4. He obtained his Professorship in the same Obafemi Awolowo University. Ile -Ife. He was appointed Professor in 1991.
  5. The Professor wrote his first book in 1991 when he was in a student of University of Ibadan. The play which he titled Efunsetan Aniwura broke a record as a prefered play at that time even till this moment.
  6. He wrote a novel O Leku ans he recorded a mindblowing play performance in Ibadan that saw over four thousand audience in attendence and they watched with passion. That paved a way of popularity to him.
  7. He wrote and composed the college anthem that is currently being sung in Wesley College Ibadan. He also ventured into broadcasting, creating a production company that has turned a number of his plays into television dramas and films.
  8. Prof Akinwunmi was awarded the National Merit Award and the Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters in 2000.
  9. He had written many number plays and novels Olu Omo ‘Oleku, ‘ ‘Kosegbe, ‘ ‘Saworoide,’ ‘Agogo Eewo,’  among others.
  10. Ofcourse, he died on Saturday 17th 2018.

We acknowledge of his immense contributions in Yoraba race and his name will forever remain in the book of history.


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