World cup predictions: 10 sure world cup games you can predict correctly today

Russia 2018 world cup will kick off tomorrow June 14.  We have compiled 10 sure world cup Games you can predict correctly. Soccer predictions across the globe for world cup games for today. if you want to win big just follow our soccer predictions for today. if you are a Nigerian you play Bet9ja, Nairabet and others locate the odd from website and play it as we predict. Here we will be using odd from is offering free prediction tips for the Russia 2018 world cup. Follow this page everyday for updating prediction. All the 32 countries are already in Russia. Nigeria has arrived in Russia with massive support. Follow the each games as it proceed. World cup prediction will not be that easy but if you must win just follow our 10 sure world cup games you can predict correctly today. Also check our bet9ja predictions for this week.

10 sure world cup games you can predict correctly

  1. Russia vs Saudi Arabia

The match Russia vs Saudi Arabia is the first game and among 10 sure world cup games you can predict correctly. Russia take on Saudi Arabia in the opening match of 2018 Fifa World Cup. The host country Russia has been pinned to win the game. Give it to Russia because they are the host of the tournament that will an edge their opposition with massive support from the fans. Also Arabia may likely score. Let check some of the possible predictions for the games. Bet9ja code is 1703

  •  Russia wins
  • First half win
  • Russia wins both half
  • Bet on goals over 2.5, 3.5.
  • Both of them score

2. Egypt vs Uruguay

Egypt will play Uruguay in the fifa world cup first group match. For all indication, Uruguay is favorite to win the match. In fact, don’t put the African (Egypt) side away, they will do their best to qualify in that group. To predict this game correctly give Uruguay win or draw. These are possible predictions for the match. Bet9ja code is 1704

  • Uruguay wins 2
  • First half win
  • Any team to win
  • Over 2.5 goal

  3. Portugal vs Spain

Portugal vs Spain is the big match in the list of 10 sure world cup games you can predict correctly. Cristiano Ronaldo side Portugal has a lot of advantages going into the match. Portugal is going to do well in world cup so as their opponent Spain . To predict this match give Spain win or draw, any team to win. Bet9ja code is 5355

  • Portugal win
  • Spain to win
  • Both team to score GG
  • Over 2.5, over 3.5
  • Portugal win either half.

4. France Vs Australia

France will surely carry the day. They has a better chance to beat Australia but in football anything can happen. But don’t be surprised Australia may score so those who have a strong mind may go for win and both team score for France. These are soccer possible predictions for the match. Bet9ja code is 5356

  • France wins
  • Both team score and Belgium wins
  • Over 1.5, 2.5 and 3.5 goals

 5. Argentina Vs Iceland

Argentina open their first group match campaign against Iceland in the fifa world cup match. The Messi team Argentina has advantage and it is the better side. So Argentina will win but you can play safe then Argentina win or draw will be the perfect prediction for the game. Bet9ja code is 5357

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6. Germany Vs Mexico

Germany will win the game. so put all your predictions in favour of Germany. You can also bet on goals because there will be goals on this match. Bet9ja code is 5361

7. Belgium vs Panama

Belgium will surely win the match no doubt about it. Both of them may likely score. But Belgium is the favourite to win the game. The best prediction for the game is Belgium straight win. The possible soccer prediction for this game are: Bet9ja code is 5364

  • Belgium win
  • Belgium win and over 1.5 & 2.5

8.  Croatia vs Nigeria

Croatia vs Nigeria is an interesting match to watch, both Croatia and Nigeria have what is takes to win the match. But you can predict the game, give Nigeria or Croatia win or draw. Bet9ja code is 5359

  • Nigeria win or draw
  • Croatia win or draw
  • Both team to score GG

9. Tunisia Vs England

Tunisia vs England match will be tough but a win to England will a make the group more favour to them. You can predict England win or draw. Tunisia may score against England. You can bet on goals say 1.5. 2.5 etc. Bet9ja code is 5365.

  • England win or draw
  • Tunisia score
  • Both team to score GG

10. Colombia Vs Japan

This is the last match in the list of 10 sure world cup games you can predict correctly. Colombia vs Japan will be an interesting match to watch, Colombia is favourable to win but the out cone of this match will shock many people. Japan side has the player that can make the job done for them. Bet9ja code is 5366

  • Colombia win or draw
  • Japan win or draw
  • Both team to score GG & over 1.2 & 2.5

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