10 Best Football Games software for Android you can play

Football remains the world most popular sport and  what is not to love if you have ten of the very best football games  software for Android, you can play. It is as satisfying as watching the real thing.

And with the added comfort that you are in charge of the reins. And therefore here are 2018 three best football games for Android.

Best football games software for Android 2018
Best football games for Android 2018

The Best Football Games software For Android

  1. Dream League Soccer 2018

With the Dream league soccer 2018, you are in charge of your team,more like the manager. In addition you can control you can control your players in the actual game. Also it the features FIFA’s career mode,although there are no players contracts or club transfers. But you can sign any player from the transfer market for a fixed amount of coins,depending on the amount of skills the player possesses. These coins you can collect from winning matches,completing achievements and watching advertisements.

One more awesome feature about this game is that you can save your progress on cloud and pick up your story line from any other device.

Download here

   2. FIFA Soccer

With FIFA Soccer you have one of the very best football games software on Android. FIFA Soccer is one of the most intensive and feature-rich mobile games. As with the official game FIFA Soccer Features licensed players from over 550 real teams stars from past and present as well as the ultimate team option. This therefore means that the FIFA Soccer features leagues,therefore enhancing the social experiences you can get. It is the perfect app to play with your friends as well.

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   3. Real Football

Real Football is another awesome mobile football which will give a vast amount of licensed football players. But in addition it will give you a wide range of game modes such as leagues,exhibition matches and even International cup modes.

There is also an aspect for practicing your skills.And you can also customize your team kits,team formation,upgrade stadiums and make choices of tactics to use.

Real Football also gives you options such as interactions between players in a way of uploading pictures and sharing videos of amazing goals scored.

Download here

   4. Flick Shoot 2

Flick shoot 2 offers you one of the best football games software for Android. With flick shoot 2 you have a wide range of physics induced modes to choose from such as Team attack, Multiplayer, One Ball, Tournament, Arcade, Goal post, and Targets. Also, you can play one on one matches or join an online tournament for ultimate challenges using the application.

Flick shoot 2 makes all of this possible by using smooth  and realistic 3D animations for goalkeeping,ball physics and shooting curl shots.

Download here

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   5. Ultimate Soccer – Football

With Ultimate Soccer, you can build a team of best footballers, come up with your idea of offensive or defensive formation, choose excellent tactics and play only your style. This app also offers different modes such as leagues or World Cup tournaments where your players can be featured.

Also, just like any real football transfer window season,Ultimate Soccer Football allows you to buy or sell players on the transfer market places.

Download here

 6. Top Eleven 2018

When you are one of the players who prefer to have adequate control over players not minding the game then this is your best console. With the Top Eleven 2018, you are solely focused on being the best football manager. You can build your dream team from over 5,000 real players with the same real-life abilities and attributes. You can choose players, buy them and using the simultaneous engine to enjoy the fruits of your labor. In addition, you have features for dealing with victories, injuries, and losses.

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  7. PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer or PES gives you air expansive definition of the FIFA World Cup.By offering its mobile graphics of high intensity as well as superb performance,you are sure to have a time of your life. With the software, you will have a complete feel for the football game, control players and manage your team excellently. It also offers you different ways to engage our friends in battles and tournaments up to the global level.

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  8. Score! Hero

The Score hero features as one of the best football games software for Android. Score Hero is a 3D gesture-based football game with lovely storylines.  it features the user as a young footballer who wishes to become a major star in the football world. To do this you have over 580 levels of which you must achieve all challenges set to you. There is a multiplayer mode as well as3D graphics.  And you do not have to get too worried with losing progress, this app supports sync progress so you can pick up from where you left off at any point.

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  9. World Soccer League

The World Soccer League app is another great interface similar to FIFA and PES but on a smaller scale. This game gives you access to 6o national teams, 60 clubs and about 2000 players. You also have 4 modes such as Traning, League, Cup, and Exhibition to choose from and enjoy your game. World Soccer league also keeps pictures of all your achievements which you can share with your friends.  However, this game comes with a little limitation, there are no featured players. but it is packed in a mini size of 37MB and therefore perfect for smaller Android phones.

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 10. Soccer Star 2018

The Soccer star 2018 is an amazing software. it is unarguably one of the best football games software for Android.  With this game, you have access to a real football gameplay and awesome graphics. In addition, you can get involved in beautiful mode displays such as champions league, League, cup, UEFA League and even worldwide football. In addition, as a manager, you have control over contracts and sponsors. You also have access to variety of training modes such as penalty shootouts, assisting the striker, free kick and many more.

Download here

And there you have it, some of the best football games software for Android phones that you can enjoy. So sit back, download and play on your own or with friends.

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